The consortium formed of the companies Siemens Deutschland, ABB Switzerland and INPEC ENGINEERING GmbH concluded a contract in 2006 with the company ALRO Slatina in Romania.

The object of the contract was a turnkey investment for the installation of seven units with a capacity of 66.8 MVA, each unit consisting of a variable transformer, a rectifier transformer, and the associated power rectifiers. The units supplied the electrolysis halls of the aluminium factory in Slatina, which were commissioned in the period 1973 – 1975, and which have since been in continuous operation.


A number of companies participated in the invitation to tender. The Siemens-ABB-INPEC consortium received the order thanks to the technical quality of the installations and services offered, but in particular due to the short duration of work on each unit, viz. just 24 working days between the power to a unit being switched off, and its commissioning under continuous load (incl. a 72-hour test run).


Within the consortium, SIEMENS supplied the 66.8 MVA variable and rectifier transformers and ABB supplied the 45 kA/1300 V power rectifiers.


INPEC ENGINEERING ensured the procurement processes, as well as the technical and economic coordination within the consortium. The services performed by INPEC include: the unloading and transport on the Romanian territory of the 14 transformers (each approx. 100 tonnes in weight); the adjustment according to schedule of the newly installed equipment to the existing automation system of the units; continuous technical supervision during the dismantling of the existing equipment, including keeping the working area free, as well as during the installation of the Romanian and imported equipment; and participation together with foreign technicians and the client in all test runs performed prior to commissioning under continuous load. No contractual penalties for delays were accrued.


The work onsite lasted nine months, from October 2007 to June 2008. The guarantee issued by the consortium had a duration of 24 months from commissioning.