In 2008, the company SAG from Germany expressed interest in expanding its business by concluding a joint venture in Romania or by purchasing a renowned company that worked in the field of electrical installation for high-voltage cables and high-voltage overhead lines.


In cooperation with DELOITTE Corporate Finance, INPEC ENGINEERING prepared a study for SAG, incorporating a serious analysis of the current and future Romanian capacities in the energy sector, supplying information on companies in the Romanian energy sector that could be of economic interest; thus they identified the consequences of potential investments for SAG and provided decision-making aids for possible investments.


The study was based on official information from the management of the most important Romanian companies, e.g. Transelectrica S.A., Electrica S.A., Romelectro S.A., Energomontaj S.A., Electromontaj S.A. and Electroserv S.A.


The information thus obtained covered the following:


 - the structure of the Romanian energy market

 - the market for infrastructure services in the electricity sector

 - prognosis of future factors relevant to the market


A major chapter focussed on the analysis of the most important companies in the field of planning and installation in the energy sector, which could be relevant for cooperation with SAG. Thanks to its many years of experience in the Romanian energy market, INPEC ENGINEERING supplied a valuable contribution to corporate decisions of SAG, by illustrating the capital power and capabilities of the best known Romanian companies in the energy sector, which had in the past contributed, and were currently contributing, to the development of the energy sector. This category included Romelectro – ISPE, Energomontaj, Electromontaj Bucuresti, Electromontaj Cluj, ELCO Bucuresti and others.


The study prepared was presented by INPEC ENGINEERING GmbH and the representatives of DELOITTE to the executive management of SAG in Germany at the end of 2008.


Despite positive evaluation, SAG decided to postpone the expansion of its business activities to Romania for the time being, as the global economic crisis that had by then taken hold could have unfavourable effects on the energy sector.