Cooperation with Getra S.p.A

Cooperation with Getra S.p.A

Inpec Engineering GmbH was able to acquire the first orders in Austria and Germany during the last financial year for the new Italian partner Getra S.p.A (See Link).

The Austrian Energie AG agreed on a supply contract for approx. 640 distribution transformers with a capacity of 160 - 1,600 kVA (10 and 30 kV) for use in the supply area of ​​Netz Oberösterreich GmbH. (Period: 4 years)

In the case of the Austrian EVN Group, Getra S.p.A has won the contract for the supply of approx. 1400 distribution transformers with a range of 250 - 630 KVA within two years.

For the first time, we were able to acquire a turnkey project from Vattenfall GmbH in Hamburg in the form of a 45 MVA power transformer for Getra S.p.A.

These projects have a total value of 12 million euros.