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After over fifty-five years of successfully handling industrial projects in various countries, such as Romania, Brazil, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Teodor Garabet has decided to acquire clients for the German-speaking market.

Accordingly, Inpec Engineering GmbH has been providing advisory services and support since 2011 to foreign companies that are seeking to permanently establish themselves in this industrial market.

For these activities, the general manager Teodor Garabet utilises his many years of experience in the entire field of industry, and calls in further project-specific consultants on a case-by-case basis, organising a highly qualified team.

In this context, Inpec Engineering received an exclusive mandate in 2011 from the Italian company PRISMA Impianti for the field of electrical systems in the large-scale industry, in particular for steelworks and export companies.

Within the framework of its mandate, Inpec Engineering was given the task of establishing contacts and initiating the prequalification of PRISMA Impianti, and to perform the entire project supervision on the basis of its range of services.

In this way, an impressive reference list of potential customers has been compiled containing both various steelworks as end users and plant engineering companies for the global export; this list can now also be used for other clients in complementary and non-conflicting market sectors, for industrial deliveries and services.

We perform the necessary work stages in many languages at a wide variety of companies, and our customers benefit directly from the potential of Inpec Engineering, without the need to perform their own time-consuming research. 

Thus it was possible in 2018 to gain as mandate the SGB-Smit Group, a leading manufacturer of special furnace transformers and all other types of transformers. With the support of INPEC Engineering GmbH, additional customers from the industrial sector are now being acquired.