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Energobit has become a new partner for substations 

„Inpec Engineering is pleased to inform her partners that Energobit of Cluj, Romania, has become a new partner for substations in the energy systems of energy distribution “

Inpec Engineering and Eneregobit SA are partners for promoting complete electrical substations jointly with Mace Power SRL , already a successful partner for distribution transformers.

Energobit SA , located in Cluj, Romania, represents a highly successful company since its launching in 1990, see enclosure, having references at ENEL Italy and E.ON Romania,

The market for substations is increasing yearly and energy distribution companies are offered with this enlargement to procure complete turnkey substations, under the coordination of Inpec Engineering, being understood that they can order separately the transformers and the adequate substations technically matched as requested.

The references of Inpec Engineering in the field of HVV/HV/MV in since its existence ovee thirty years, represent a solid basis of this association.


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