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History of the Company

Inpec Engineering GmbH was established in 1989. Teodor Garabet initially became the Managing Director with shares in the company in 1991, before subsequently becoming the company's sole shareholder.

In November 1993 the firm Inpec Engineering SRL was founded in Bucharest, Romania, as a subsidiary of Inpec Engineering GmbH, in order to develop new business segments there.

Since the establishment of Inpec Engineering SRL, the tasks of Inpec Engineering GmbH have concentrated on the acquisition and co-ordination of German clients for energy supply and management in Romania.

Our clients include Siemens PTD, Ruhrgas AG, Bayernwerk AG, Marubeni, E.ON Net AG, STEAG AG, ENBW, Österreichischer Verbund, DBT, Hochtief Airport, Hamon Enviroserv and SAET Italy.

Until 2012/2013, Inpec Engineering GmbH acted as an interface between clients and the subsidiary Inpec Engineering SRL in Bucharest, Romania, for the firm STEGA Construct SRL, which was founded by Mr Garabet in 1997 for the real estate project CASASTEGA.

In 2010 the shares in today's Inpec Engineering GmbH were transferred by Mr Garabet to his own STEGA Construct SRL. After 20 successful years, the firm Inpec Engineering SRL was then closed down in Romania in 2012.

With the upturn in the German economy in the year 2010, Inpec decided to acquire new clients from abroad for the German and Austrian market.

In this context it was possible for Inpec Engineering GmbH to acquire the Italian firm Prisma Impianti as an exclusive client for Germany and Austria and involve the firm Tamini Trasformatori S.R.L in initial major projects.

As a result of targeted marketing and successful acquisition, Inpec Engineering GmbH and Prisma Impianti were able to make a good name for themselves not only among most German and Austrian steelworks, but also among leading companies working in the field of mechanical engineering and complete plant construction - see prequalification list.

Tamini Trasformatori S.R.L. has also been able to prequalify with a well-known German network operator.

Two new clients were acquired in 2016:
First, the company Getra S.p.A from Italy for exclusive representation in Germany and other countries for the supply of power and distribution transformers. Several orders in Austria and Germany were successfully acquired. In addition, the company Shandong Power Equipment (Speco), which is part of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), was acquired as a client.

Since 2018, Inpec Engineering GmbH has received the mandate for the SGB-Smit Gruppe in Regensburg, Nijmegen and Sibiu. With international market studies and targeted acquisitions in the industrial sector, the past achievements for other clients will be established after a short period of time.