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On behalf of Eisenbau Essen GmbH and its parent company Ferrostaal AG, Teodor Garabet took over the acquisition work in the region of Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring countries for the years from 1983 to 1986. This was the time of the impending recession of the OPEC countries due to the slump in the global price of oil.

The first task was to find the right sponsor. Through the mediation of the management of Eisenbau Essen GmbH, it was possible for Teodor Garabet to acquire the industrial group Al Zamil for both Eisenbau Essen and Ferrostaal. A very close personal relationship developed with the decision-makers of the holding, such as Khalid al ZamilDr Abdul Rahman al Zamil, Mohammed al Zamil and Adip al Zamil, which also continued for many years after 1986.

The Al Zamils had ideal connections with Abdul Aziz al Zamil in his function as Industry Minister and Dr Abdul Rahman al Zamil as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Trade and well-known grey eminence of the kingdom so that the successful sponsoring of all potential customers was ensured.

Teodor Garabet was entrusted with the task of acquiring the new young company for industrial development NIC National Industrialisation Company as a partner with regard to the complementary downstream industrial projects such as a wire drawing plant. Saudi SABIC as a primary processing raw material group was to provide steel billets to NIC.

Thanks to the then head of NIC Dr Mahsun Jalal, a partnership developed with the aim of structuring this wire drawing plant on the spacious industrial platform of Al Jubail in the Persian Gulf, which after several years of marketing was finally built by the Voest Group.

With the help of the sponsor Al Zamil, in particular Khalid al Zamil, Teodor Garabet acquired the first order for a feasibility study from Sabic and Eisenbau Essen GmbH for executing the important project of an integrated iron and steel plant for flat products at the same location as the wire drawing plant, until he left Eisenbau Essen in 1986.


During his stay in Los Angeles, USA, Teodor Garabet was deployed for the second time on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

In the period 1989 – 1991 Teodor Garabet was initially able to prequalify the German firm Mannesmann Anlagenbau in Düsseldorf with the Saudi Arabian corporate group and oil giant Aramco, before successfully acquiring with his own firm at the time Petraco SA in Los Angeles an over $200 million turnkey infrastructure contract of Aramco to double the transport of oil from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea in the face of worldwide competition.

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