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The professional career of Teodor Garabet in Romania developed from 1955 to late 1969 in the field of mining and steelworks. His large-scale projects were developed below ground at the lignite mining company Filipestii de Padure and at the rolling mill project planning institute IPL - known today as Iprolam - of the Metallurgy Ministry, which has continued its international work in the field of engineering at rolling mills without interruption.


Award  from N. Ceausescu for the following projects.


3 million-tonne blooming mill of Schloemann-Siemag in Hunedoara, Romania.

Project manager and special consultant at IPL for the then most up-to-date blooming mill in the world with the premiere of thyristor main drives and process control computers.

Construction site supervision during the entire installation and commissioning period of Siemens, spokesman for IPL with respect to the general management of the iron and steel plant.


The most up-to-date 1 million-tonne heavy plate mill in Galati, Romania; for the area of responsibility see below.


Four section rolling mills of the Schloemann-Siemag, Siemens and AEG consortium in Hunedoara, Romania.

Special consultant at IPL for planning, design and construction site supervision during the entire installation and commissioning period of Siemens and AEG.


Initial automation of the lignite conveyor belts in Filipestii de Padure for the underground lignite company Filipestii de Padure, Romania.


Pipe rolling mill for seamless 16-inch pipes in Roman/Soviet Union for oil production, Romania (1955/56) - own new concept planning for the main rectifier plant with considerable savings.

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