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For the aluminium group ALRO, Inpec Engineering GmbH has acquired and itself executed numerous energy projects together with Inpec Engineering SRL.

The following table shows the most important projects.


Control transformer 59MW 220/30KV
Converter transformers 59MVA

2000 -2001

Rehabilitation of the control and
converter transformers 59MVA

SIEMENS, Nürnberg
2000 35 MVA rectifier transformer 30/0.9KV SIEMENS, Nürnberg
2001 Double rectifier 650V DC; 2x22.5KA ALSTOM, Berlin
2001 MS switchgear SIEMENS, Erlangen
2001 Retrofitting MS circuit breaker and protective relay SIEMENS, Erlangen

Further development with one branch for
workshop 10 and workshop 5 and 6, consisting of:

  Double rectifier 650V DC 22.5KA, ALSTOM Berlin
  Control cabinets

ALSTOM Berlin and ALSTOM France

  DC isolating switch 1500V, 27KA FERRAZ France
  Circuit breaker 220 KV, 110 KV SIEMENS Berlin
  Overvoltage conductor 220KV 110 KV SIEMENS Berlin
  Protective relay SIEMENS Nürnberg
  Current transformer 220KV 110KV TRENCH France
  Water pump for Siemens rectifier GEA Germany
  Trennschalter 220KV ELECTROPUTERE Craiova Romania

Various cabinets and racks for control centre,
intermediate relays, signalling, messaging

2003 Retrofitting MV circuit breaker and protective relay SIEMENS Erlangen
2006 - 2008 Rehabilitation of 7 rectifier units of 1300V, 45KA direct current (turnkey) SIEMENS Nürnberg, ABB Turgi


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